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On 12, Oct 2014 | In | By Colton Davie

Night Swim

There’s something in the water.

I had the pleasure of collaborating once again with directors Rod Blackhurst and Bryce McGuire on the watery thriller, Night Swim. The concept was very simple: one character, one location, and practically no dialogue. However, any time water is involved, the execution gets a little more complex. Underwater camera operator Boyd Hobbs helped us capture beautiful underwater images, and above the surface a Jimmy Jib, operated by Andy Jagerson, allowed us to quickly move and position the camera in places that would have been very difficult or impossible otherwise. The resulting short film has seen success online and at festivals.

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Director // Rod Blackhurst & Bryce McGuire
Cinematographer // Colton Davie
Underwater Camera Operator // Boyd Hobbs
Jib Operator // Andy Jagerson


Tech Specs
Format // HD
Camera // Arri Alexa
Lenses // Zeiss Standard Speeds