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On 23, Jun 2012 | In | By Colton Davie

BPM Swag

BPM is moving to a fantastic new location in central Alabama. In anticipation, we took out a RED Epic camera and a 16mm film camera and shot our guys tearing it up at up to 300fps.

This project was a real joy to shoot. My first foray into filmmaking was taking footage of my brother and I riding and editing it to music. I had no idea what I was doing at the time, but it introduced me to the possibilities of what can be done with images and editing. Years later, I got to take all that I had learned since then and apply it to a project that took me back to my roots.

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BPM RacingLuke DavieMason Hume

Director // Colton Davie
Cinematographer // Colton Davie
1st Assistant Camera // Cameron Lane


Tech Specs
Format // HD, Super 16mm
Cameras // RED Epic, Arri SR2, GoPro Hero HD
Lenses // Red Pro Primes, Canon 8-64mm T2.4
Film Stock // Kodak 7219