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2013 August

Hot, Green, Humid, and Gorgeous

On 29, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Photography | By Colton Davie

This past weekend I returned to the South for the Sidewalk Film Festival, where Jesus Fish was screening. The festival was fun—our screening went well and we got to see some great films like Hide Your Smiling Faces and Short Term 12—but what really stuck with me was how beautiful that part of the country is.

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Shooting The Happiness Machine with Glow Sticks and ALEXA

On 21, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In On Set | By Colton Davie

A couple of months ago, I shot the music video for “Peace Hands” by The Happiness Machine, an indie garage rock band from St. Petersburg, FL. Director Bryce McGuire had memories of the cathartic, slightly rebellious act of cutting open glow sticks and splashing them around a dark room, creating colorful galaxies only to disappear as soon as the lights turned on, and built a simple narrative around that experience.
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In Tests

By Colton Davie

Testing the Sony F3

On 21, Aug 2013 | No Comments | In Tests | By Colton Davie

Prior to shooting Pas De Restes, my first project with the Sony PMW-F3, I decided to do some tests to figure out how the camera responded to light and color, how flexible the footage was in grading, and what picture profile settings would best suit the look I was trying to achieve.
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